Vista Index Lag and MSI

I love Vista’s Quick find box. Just hit the Windows-Key and start typing. I even stopped using Google Desktop search (at least for searching my local machine)

Where’s My Document

But for some foolish reason Vista doesn’t seem to update it’s index if I install new files using the long-standing and awful msi mechanism. Who is to blame? Indexer or MSI, I don’t know, but what I do know is MSI really sucks.

I was reminded about this when I recently installed Eclipse and found to my amazment that I could just unzip it! And then, wait for it, move the folder without ill effect. For anyone who has sat through a marathon Visual Studio Install this is galling news, it was to me.

The moral of the story: go for an xcopy install instead of msi and, if possible, just build a website!

One Response to Vista Index Lag and MSI

  1. […] has a monster 20+ page article on installing a Web Site using a Web Deployment project. I’ve written before about how I feel about MSIs but this takes the lunacy to a new level in my […]

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