Silverlight: Microsoft’s Dark Horse?

Silverlight Logo While I was away failing me third driving test Microsoft re-branded WPF/e as ‘Silverlight‘ and gave it a blingy logo. As far as Microsoft marketing goes, this is one of their better efforts.

A number of people have correctly pointed out that WPF/e – ahem- Silverlight is a competitor to XUL and not any of Adobe’s various offerings. And XUL went nowhere.

But IMHO Silverlight is a dark horse because although a plug-in is needed to run silverlight apps, the apps themselves (some demos here) are written in plain XAML supporting the all important View Source[pdf] button.

With the increasing number of RIA and Ajax applications on the scene silverlight might be a compelling replacement platform for HTML + javascript which is starting to reach it’s limits of applicability.

The striking similarities between CSS and Dependency Properties never looked so conspiratorial. Who knows Microsoft may still win the Internet platform war.

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