RubyCLR and Ruby in the Browser

John Lam recently got hired by Microsoft and now we know why.

The RubyCLR is out! Ruby is certainly the flavour of the month and it has some excellent language features that improve code brevity, readability and expressiveness.

The introduction of the RubyCLR tied to the fact that there will be Ruby support in the Silverlight Mini-CLR means that Microsoft is really embracing Ruby as a core .net platform language. But more interestingly: you can now build a ‘cross platform’ application that is the same language for the back-end and front-end. Cool!

I tried out Ruby in Steel a long time ago but always felt it was a bit of an un-supported hack. And ‘unsupported’ on the Microsoft stack is often the kiss of death. This new official Ruby support certainly gives me (and no doubt many others) the confidence to do my next project in Ruby.

Roll on Siverlight!

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