Pandora shut out

I just read with great disappointment that pandora the music recommendation service will shut it’s doors to non-US users today. This is a real pity for me personally as I use the service everyday to help me shut out distractions while coding. I’ve also spent quite a while getting my station just right.

I’ll miss Panadora, but I always felt like it was a bit of a free party. The music I’ve discovered and re-discovered on pandora has been very enjoyable and I always tried to buy it via the pandora link to try and ‘give something back’ but never became a subscriber. Subscriber or not its curtains now. Proxying is an option but I doubt I’ll do it…

Well the IP blocking kicks in this evening, so I’m getting my last listen in now while copying down my playlist.

So long and thanks for all the tunes.

One Response to Pandora shut out

  1. Paul Carey says:

    Time to try maybe…

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