The Algorithm Sucks

Despite Robert Scoble’s zombie blogging. The ‘new’  search product, or as Ask call it The Algorithm; completely sucks.  I tried a few searches, which is more then most people would do, and the results were very poor. What sums it up, however is this search I did on the EventBroker ThreadOpion enum I spoke about in my previous post.

Ask Sucks

The ‘correct page’, which is the Microsoft documentation page for the enum, did not even show up. I was given a spelling suggestion which I did not take but which Ask used because it offered me 8 sponsored links for Option Brokers.

There seems to be a bias for newer, blog or editorial content which commented on the actual piece of information I was interested. This is possibly why Scoble liked it.

So in sort, at the moment; The Algorithm Sucks


One Response to The Algorithm Sucks

  1. TrevR says:

    Great post, couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, see my post for some of the searching I did on the new Ask:

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