3D Web Browsing with SpaceTime is clumsy

After having been re-impressed by Bumptop. I was somewhat underwhelmed by SpaceTime, a 3D Web Browser. Where as BumpTop introduces a new layer of immediately intuitive interaction, SpaceTime relies on a variation of the luke-warm 3D carousel concept.

SpaceTime Browser

What would be interesting would be a BumpTop style interface for web browsing which took into account the kind of things that I really care about like: how I got to a page, how long I looked at it, how i tagged it, how often and when I returned to it along with all the other information already stored about my browsing habits.

3 Responses to 3D Web Browsing with SpaceTime is clumsy

  1. eddie says:

    Thank you for your kind words. However, Bumptop is an interface for your desktop. SpaceTime offers 3D Search as a utility to interface with the web. They are really two completely different products. This is what we set out to accomplish when we created it.

  2. Jan Bannister says:

    Thanks for the feedback Eddie,

    My words are far from kind but I was just honest about my experience. As a product developer I know how much time, effort and love goes into creating something like SpaceTime. And I also know how fickle and apathetic your potential users can be.

    SpaceTime looks well build and I think a simple addition would differentiate it from the other carousel apps: namly: expand the concept of history.

    The current back/forward paradigm is wearing very thin. Web naviagtion is breath-first search not depth-first (as supported by back/forward). With few changes you could display some very valuable and meaningfully visualizable information about the web of pages someone has visited, today, this week or this year.

    Well done on getting this far and I hope you find my comments constructive.

  3. […] my posts on SpaceTime and CrowdVine I was lucky enough to have the creators of the sites in question comment on my post. […]

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