Congrats, you’re a Level 2 Mindless Drone

I saw the latest entry to the Web 2.0 Ad-Driven distraction market today:™. Note the trademark, classy! And I paused…

I usually skip past these usless time wasters with a sedate roll of my mouse wheel while chewing through my cheap and cheerful kruger sandwich. But something made me stop half-way through my crayfish and cardboard, some deeply entrenched line had been crossed and I found myself actually shocked and appalled at the crass nature of this product.

MyProgress tracks what you have done in your life and gives you the equivalent of a charater sheet for yourself. Finance, Skills, Weath and Health are the (overlapping) categories in which you can record your progress. I’ve not used the site but even the thought of filling in this type of information bores me. However;  there is a deeper and far more troubling aspect to this conccept. MyProgress’s creators seem to have forgotten that life is not a MMORPG.

The idea that someones life can be linearized into some paltry progression of goals and acheivements turns a human being into a yeild curve. This kind of characterization of people is used by the insurance industry to make it’s predictions and in doing so converting people into rows in a spreadsheet. MyProgress helps you fill in your row…

This site captures perfectly the worst aspects of capitalism on over-drive. MyProgress proports to give you a score for your life so far… I suggest a simpler scoring model:

Fun Had / Memberships of Pointless Websites =  YOUR LIFE SCORE    (use approx figures)

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