Reflexil: a new rusty saw to play with

Lutz Roeder points to a new plugin for his venerable Reflector platform which allows the foolhardy to interfere with the IL of compiled Assemblies with Reflexil.


Ye Gods! While understanding the inner workings of IL is valuable, modifying it on the fly can only be a recipe for pain. If you really need to use the C# code injection feature I’d switch to the DLR and IronRuby or IronPython.

The GAC’s strong name support is in fact designed to stop this very kind of tom-foolery so I can imagine that you would  (quite rightly) run into security impediments pretty quickly too.

Having said that; it’s not a powerful/dangerous as softICE and I never go into too much trouble with that… 🙂

2 Responses to Reflexil: a new rusty saw to play with

  1. hi,

    Reflexil is just a tool to better understand IL basics and also to provide a GUI for the great Mono.Cecil LIB. C# Code injection is a good way to experiment how C# code is compiled into IL and to quickly update assemblies.

    And about GAC strong name support, you can easily alter signed assemblies. When saved they are in the “delay signed” state, so you can re-sign them (if you have the key) or register assembly for verification skipping with the Strong Name Utility provided in the .NET SDK (so you can use it without any key)


  2. IronRuby says:


    We shall welcome something like this, based for IronRuby in Future.



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