IronRuby on RubyForge …and Social Development

John Lam points out that his IronRuby implementation is now in RubyForge. I’ve had a look in the source code and it looks quite clean but fresh of the press; there’s still the odd Python operation commented out 😛

I like the look of Ruby a lot but still have not done any serious work with it.  Hopefully this new, (sure to be large) RubyForge community will spur me on to get cracking.

I really like the CodePlex / RubyForge / SourceForge approach to software development. However, if the front page was a continuous stream of project activity (like Facebook) I think that the sense of community would be greatly enhanced. It would also create a cool top level RSS feed.

Especially if users could give kudos to developers they felt contributed greatly to the project.

One Response to IronRuby on RubyForge …and Social Development

  1. Doug says:

    I like the observation about giving kudos.

    A feature of

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