Why are big files a big pain in the …

So I’m trying to more the 3.2 GB Orcas IMG file from my desktop to my laptop. Why the application has to be so large is a rant for another day.

So 3.2GB exceeds the size of my key-ring USB stick (portability over size means its only 2GB). So I try copying it over my home network. Which is unacceptable slow (3 hours +) because windows seems to be bouncing it off my wireless router (which is completely stupid) not to mention its not restartable. Unless you use copy /Z at the cmd line, but at this stage I don’t believe Microsoft.

So I try putting it on my iPod (40 GB behemoth) and it fits a treat but I don’t have a Firewire port on my Dell Laptop. Ee Gad! Frustration mounting.

Since I can’t remember the syntax to split a file with the copy command and I don’t feel like installing a warez program on my Trojan free machine to split my big file I decide to set up a point-to-point network connection. However my hopes of Gigabit Ethernet rescue are dashes as my XP Desktop and my Vista Laptop both have apoplexies trying to see each other.

At which point I’ve lost the plot and had to go make myself a cup of tea.

I dunno if its the hype, but somehow I don’t think this kind soul destroying meta-crap happens to Mac users…

3 Responses to Why are big files a big pain in the …

  1. Daniel Chait says:

    4GB thumb drives are now under $40 bucks. Doesn’t solve the general case but it should work nicely in this particular instance.

  2. Nathan says:

    avoiding the obvious…

    use the better copy app with a less than natural syntax:

    “robocopy \\server\share\folder c:\foo\bar *.img”

    comes with vista, or you can grab a copy in the windows resource kit

  3. Thanks for the heads up Nathan, I use robocopy next time!

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