Force Delete, young padawan

Something that bites me over and over again on windows is locked files. I want to delete a file but its locked by another process so I get this little beauty…


What a hopeless message. Firstly why would the disk being full stop me deleting a file? Secondly, it’s a file not a folder. Thirdly the OS knows that the file handle is held by another process. And finally the OS knows which process holds that handle. But I guess they were not bothered translating all the permutations, or something.

So no it is not ‘OK’. Thank you very much.

It really cheeses me off when this kind of low level stuff still isn’t done in windows. It’s such an easy win giving people some more options; not the least of which would be just #%$#ing delete it anyway! Who’s in charge here? Me or some random process! Unless I missed a meeting, it’s still me!

And while I’m at it; why can’t I see the size of a folder in Vista? Or restart a copy operation? Or stop msi unpacking to my C drive when I’m installing to E?

And breath out… rant over (I reckon). Must make the next post more constructive.

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