What next for Microsoft? Bill 2.0?

Microsoft seems to be in a quandary at the moment. Vista was late, over budget and the single greatest step forward for Mac OS X and Desktop Linux ever taken. Their various labs are full of brilliant ideas that never get beyond demo.

To be fair to Microsof t they do bare the weight of backward compatibility for the majority of the worlds computers but it still doesn’t explain their lack luster performance. Their stock recently jumped twice, once for (now exMicrosoft) Bungie’s Halo 3 and once again for their purchase of a minoroty stake in Internet hype-Juggernaut Facebook. These are not the kind of things that should be driving their share price.

In contrast all of Apple’s recent gains have been core product related and Google’s dues to their ability to print money.

So the question is; what now for Microsoft? Why not bring back Bill? All great companies are run by one great man (or woman). Why? Because committee’s have no vision. Leaderless least common-denominator thinking saw Apple languishing before Jobs came back. IBM was lost once Tom Watson stepped down. Ellison is Oracle. The list goes on.

Corporations run by ‘good corporate goverance’ alone are doomed to fail.

So I say; bring back Bill. Pull support for everything, scrap backward compability, delete the source to Vista and start again. build products people want, buy BumpTop, bring out Seadragon, sell free calls though Xbox Live and kill everything that doesn make a ton of profit.

It would cetainly make for a more interesting Microsoft… but I guess, when you’re number one; why try harder?

2 Responses to What next for Microsoft? Bill 2.0?

  1. Term Paper says:

    I think you are right but you may be too harsh in identify their achievement in recent times. I am sure they will come with something special in near future…..

  2. I agree. There is lots that Microsoft do that is impressive, just not inspiring 🙂

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