iPhone Review

So I’m one of the 100k+ technophiles that bought an iPhone. Dispite receiving good advice to wait for v2.0 I pressed on and got one anyway. After a week of messing around waiting for a PAC code from my current provider Orange (which is still don’t have) I finally turned the thing on yesterday.

Overall it’s a mixed bag. Some stuff is great and other stuff is completely awful:

Good Stuff

iPod functionality – This is solid and has all the gee-wiz gimmicky stuff to impress your friends that makes the iPhone special

Photos – A simple slick interface and orientation detection & multi-touch zoom adds some next gen ‘WOW’

Web – Slow but pretty nifty, definitely something you could use for actual web browsing

Keyboard – Bit fiddly but a lot better than any other QWERTY keyboard I’ve used on a device

YouTube – Slow but cool

Phone calls – Integrate nicely into iPod music

Awful Stuff

Email – Complete Rubbish, I use Gmail and my inbox is unrecognizable. The iPhone Gmail interface doesn’t understand Conversations, Inbox or Read emails. So flawed I would never use it.

Wifi – Slow, inexplicably slow

iSpy – Widgets phone home – ouch

iTunes – Doesn’t work; probably due to Wifi issue

So I like it but I hope Apple iron out some of these basic bug soon.

6 Responses to iPhone Review

  1. Manung Han says:

    Use IMAP for gmail, that would at least give you read statuses and emails with tags show up as Folders: http://5thirtyone.com/archives/862

    I would check with Apple about the WiFi issue. Could be a hardware issue. Is it slow on all access points or just one particular one? And what do you mean by slow? What benchmarks do you get if you go to http://i.dslr.net/tinyspeedtest.html?

    The iPhone does not send out the IMEI when phoning home. It seems to send out an id that will uniquely identify a device. Only apple knows it it is using this id to uniquely identify and track users, or just for statistics.

  2. iphone related says:

    great music site for the iphone: http://seeqpod.net/iphone you can also build a playlist on the main site http://www.seeqpod.net and it shows up on the iphone instantly

  3. Manung Han says:

    As a point of reference on my iPhone on my home access point I get a latency of 90ms and bandwidth of 1396kbps. As compared to my laptop which gets a latency of 13ms and 1405kbps.

    If you getting something a magnitude worse than that, I would say its an issue with your iPhone.

  4. Custard says:

    I get latency of 304ms and speed of 171kbps on my 3 Nokia N95 on a 3G connection. But I dont have to carry a brick around, or worring about being mugged.

  5. Custard says:

    and 118ms / 1245kbps on a WLAN connection.

  6. Hey James,

    Glad to see you’re well. You working in the Square mile these days?

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