GTA IV The Movie – Who needs it!

So it looks like GTA IV may eclipse IronMan at it’s ‘opening’ tomorrow. Some back of the envelope calculations (6m * $60) show that GTA IV should rake in at least ~$360m on it’s first weekend (not counting the pricier box set edition). That’s well beyond standard movie takings and in the ballpark of a summer blockbuster. And all this despite it being leaked a week before launch.

Obviously, much of the on-the-day take of a movie comes in the form of food consumed before, during and after the main feature… so really it’s apples and oranges. But the promise of a $50m (or 20 extra hours) worth of episodic content for the XBox360 version GTA IV might just move the GTA franchise from game to interactive mini-series. Raising the question; where should the top quality writers, musicians & artists be working? Studios struggling with DRM issues because their delivery mechanisms are so poor or Games Studios where on-line payment and content delivery are part of their DNA.

Anyway, I can’t wait…


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