Are Microsoft over confident?

May 27, 2008

Just caught this little peice on tools by Ballmer. It captures Microsoft’s attitude to software; which is very much like Wallmart’s attitude to consumables. Cut out the costs, sell it cheap and use loss-leaders to push out the high end competition.

Problem is that as prices for services approach zero on the Internet, can cheap compete with free (as in beer)?


Microsoft Social Bookmarking… sigh

May 27, 2008

Mary J Foley notes that Microsoft are looking to get into social bookmarking. It’s really a bit too late to make a dent in the market and mind share of the incumbents like Yahoo owned And if the tumbleweed rolling through the community content section at MSDN is anything to go by this latest venture could only go badly.

Microsoft seem to be like that uncool kid in school who never got it. And the harder they try to jump on the bandwagon the more they look like they never will.